CALLISTO follows an approach that combines:

  • expert-level meetings, where academic leaders and key representatives from various organisations are engaged in in-depth analyses and exchange of knowledge on key issues related to the project objectives,
  • multidisciplinary, interprofessional and multisectorial network level conferences, synthesising the results of the expert level meetings and promoting exchange with external stakeholders.

CALLISTO is organised in three main cycles of 12 months each.

Cycle I focuses primarily on the development of the overview of the current situation and crucial gaps in the existing knowledge. Cycle II links the results of Cycle I towards the formulation of action recommendations in Cycle III by extending the activities of CALLISTO towards risk assessments. Cycle III concludes with translating the results of CALLISTO into priority areas for actions, including recommendations for intervention strategies, areas for further research, and priorities and recommendations for key target groups, messages and media educational and advocacy programmes.

During each of these three cycles, CALLISTO operates at four conceptual levels of interactions and networking:

  1. Expert Advisory Group (EAG) meetings;
  2. Cross EAG Synthesis;
  3. Network Conferences and Synthesis across Cycles;
  4. Communication and dissemination to outside world.