CALLISTO brought together experts and organizations, from different fields of expertise and disciplines, in a single interprofessional, interdisciplinary and multisectorial think tank, representing the major relevant stakeholders:

  • European organisations of pet owners, pet traders and transporters, pet food producers, farmers, animal welfare organisations, veterinarians and medical doctors;
  • National and International public health, animal health and food safety authorities;
  • Representatives of organisations from USA, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand;
  • Academic experts on the three main categories of zoonotic pathogens transmissible by companion animals:virologists, bacteriologists and parasitologists;
  • Academic experts on the epidemiology and ecology of zoonotic infectious diseases;
  • Experts on the sociology and welfare of companion animals such as sociologists, psychologists, educators and anthrozoologists.

Roles and responsibilities of the main CALLISTO management bodies are detailed below.