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CALLISTO debutes at the General Session of the World Organisation for Animal Health, this week in Paris.

The think tank on zoonoses transmittable by companion animals will be presented tomorrow at the 178 delegates of the Member Countries and to the representatives of international and regional organisations, and a huge number of stakeholders will be informed on CALLISTO goals and activities.

Meanwhile, the Expert Advisory Groups that represent the project strength, are continuing their work. About 40 internationally acknowledged scientists, researchers, experts from competent authorities, are reviewing the existing knowledge and technological gaps in the management and prevention of the most impacting zoonoses transmitted by companion animals.

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Dear Readers,

today we are celebrating the birth of this CALLISTO web site. We hope that in the next three years the number of visitors and contributors will increase and that we will be able to build a community of interested people, willing to improve their knowledge, to help in disseminating information, to share problems and solutions.

Companion animals' role in our society grew up very fast in the last years and we want to find a good balance between risk prevention and benefits. We wish to help our society to live better with their animals and to facilitate the role of the various stakeholders to advice citizens and owners on how to protect human and animal health and wellbeing.

Please feel engaged to contribute to the development of this web site and share your opinion with us through this blog.

We are looking forward to receiving your articles and comments.

Thank you

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Do you ever think of the health of your companion animal as a vital condition for you and your family's health?

How big is the risk for humans to catch a zoonosis from their pets and are you willing to take that risk?

CALLISTO wishes to find an appropriate balance between the benefits arising from living with companion animals and the risks originated by living with them.