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Do you ever think of the health of your companion animal as a vital condition for you and your family's health?

How big is the risk for humans to catch a zoonosis from their pets and are you willing to take that risk?

CALLISTO wishes to find an appropriate balance between the benefits arising from living with companion animals and the risks originated by living with them.

Welcome to CALLISTO blog. Your comments, thoughts, questions, on this introductory issue are welcome.

Other ideas, concerns, discussion proposals will be also posted. We wish to be inclusive more than exclusive, solution oriented more than problem oriented. We believe in the value of pet ownership, and our final goal is to address policies and actions for a healthy and safe coexistence of humans and animals in the same environment.

We want to include in our study farm animals, in the perspective of assessing how much companion animals can represent a risk for their health.

Say your opinion. Experts and stakeholders will attend this blog. Hopefully it will represent a parallel tank to feed our project.

Thank you