This EAG encompasses representatives from stakeholder organisations - such as health authorities, food safety authorities, veterinary associations, etc. - that are responsible for implementing and/or enforcing any proposed actions. EAG II provides input arising from stakeholders perspective on current regulations, policy measures and intervention strategies. This EAG also connects CALLISTO with stakeholders that can offer their expertise on feasibility of any proposed additional actions and with related initiatives in the USA, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand, including representatives from those countries within the network.

Chairman: Jan Vaarten (FVE)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Talina Sterneberg: FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe)
  • Laurens Hoedemaker: EURO FAWC
  • Alex Ploeg: EPO (European Pet Organisation) Succeeded by: Svein Fossa, The Norwegian Pet Trade Association
  • Declan O'Brien: IFAH (Europe-Federation for Animal Health)
  • Nicki Cross: NZ/Australia OIE Collaborating Centre for AW
  • David Bayvel : NZ/Australia OIE Collaborating Centre (succeeded by Nicki Cross: Animal Welfare Directorare, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand)
  • Sonja van Tichelen: Eurogroup for Animals
  • Staci Mclennan: Eurogroup for Animals, now at IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)
  • Nad├Ęge Leboucq: OIE - Brussels Subregional Office in Europe. Succeeded by: Stanislav Ralchev OIE - Sub-Regional Representation in Brussels
  • Nina Marano: CDC USA (succeeded by Casey Barton Behravesh)
  • Celine Gossner: ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)
  • Frank Boelaert: EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)
  • Claire Calder: Eurogroup for Animals, now at Dogs Trust and EU Dog and Cat Alliance
  • Casey Barton Behraves: CDC (Centre for Disease Control USA)