In the 2nd CALLISTO cycle, this group analysed and assessed owners behaviours towards companion animals from a welfare-oriented and sociological perspective. EAG VII analysed in detail the concept of responsible pet ownership (RPO); its acceptance and promotion is considered important to reduce risks of transmission of zoonoses from companion animals to man and production animals.

CALLISTO elaborated a definition of Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) and EAG VII reaffirmed the need to encourage RPO by education, incentive or legislation. Part of the RPO would be the identification and registration of companion animals; EU legislation and database in this field are lacking. The lack of knowledge on prevalence of zoonotic diseases in classical and exotic pet species may be considered as a risk according to the EAG VII finding for this second cycle.

Read the “Strategy Report – 2nd Cycle” , chapter II to learn more about EAG VI activities and findings for this second year of CALLISTO research.