EAG I involves representative of the companion animals user community. During the second cycle, this group was asked to investigate how the user community and animal health organizations are structured across EU Member States. Moreover, an overview of the current perception and knowledge of the risks of infectious diseases associated with keeping/handling companion animals and intervention strategies to reduce spread of zoonotic pathogens in the user community were developed.

The group analysed information available on the web as concerns relevant user community organizations in Europe and other sources of information such as articles and books. A brief analysis of zoonotic disease monitoring and reporting in companion animals in North America was also developed to have elements of comparison and exploration. EAG I assessed that currently in Europe there is little co-ordination between groups representing the user community (pet owners, farmers, etc.). Surveillance of zoonoses associated with companion animals is very limited, as well as the concern of the general public towards zoonotic infectious diseases.

Read the “Strategy Report – 2nd Cycle” , chapter I to learn more about EAG I activities and findings for this second year of CALLISTO research.