The CALLISTO Third Cycle was dedicated to the elaboration of recommendations aimed to promote risk-awareness in healthy and balanced human-animal relationships. The different EAGs cooperated to produce a series of recommendations as concerns the prevention of the risk of zoonoses potentially transmitted by companion animals.

In order to harmonize the recommendations to be included in the Third Cycle and the Final CALLISTO report, all EAGs followed a common format and a shared system for prioritization. Each recommendation included the definition of a category of reference (research or policy recommendation), the list of end users, a description of the recommendation (what), the explanation of its importance (why), the way in which the recommendation could be implemented, taking into account feasibility and existing infrastructures at the EU and national level.

Moreover the recommendations were ranked as top priority (***), very important priority (**) and important priority (*).

The EAG III on Viral Infections was asked to summarise and provide an overview of its conclusions as concerns top priority recommendations.

This EAG contributed in particular to the elaboration of recommendations concerning demographics and tracing/movement of companion animals, surveillance and infection control, risk assessment and diagnosis, prevention and therapy of companion animal zoonoses.

Detailed information are included in the Third Cycle CALLISTO Report.