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The first CALLISTO Conference takes place in Brussels on 24-26 October 2012 with the aim to discuss important conclusions of project cycle n. 1. The first cycle was dedicated to the overview of the current situation and knowledge gaps on companion animals zoonoses.

During this initial stage of project implementation, CALLISTO Expert Advisory Groups (EAGs) produced reports according to their field of activities and specialization. The next coming conference represents indeed a significant moment for exchange of opinions and relevant results among CALLISTO members and a number of interested external experts.

The conference is structured in simultaneous sessions where participants, belonging to Expert Advisory Groups and having different professional and academic background, discuss on the basis of predefined questions related with CALLISTO issues. Main answers and findings, as outputs of the Conference, are the basis of CALLISTO strategy report. This document will orient future EAGs activities, foreseen for CALLISTO Cycle II and Cycle III, and inform general public on initial project results and forthcoming progresses.

For additional information concerning the first CALLISTO Conference and to know more about program and related documents, please contact the Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

First CALLISTO Conference
24-26 October, 2012
Thon Hotel EU, rue de la Loi 75, Brussels, Belgium