News and Events

Eurogroup for Animals organised the “Animal Welfare Conference” in Brussels, on 19-20 June, 2012. Speakers from the EU Commission, National Authorities and Civil Society organisations were invited to address topics related with a sustainable food supply, efficient communication strategies for Animal Welfare promotion, health and welfare of companion animals.

During the conference, Talina Sterneberg, representing FVE - Federation of European Veterinarians , gave a presentation titled “The threat of disease transmission by companion animals: Callisto EU project”.

In the role of CALLISTO leading partner, the FVE's representative illustrated first background, approach, expected results and timing of the project. Afterward a deeper analysis of CALLISTO's Expert Advisory Groups, work packages and general project management was developed. During the session, a remind on main CALLISTO milestones and source of information was also shared with audience and all concerned participants.