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The welfare of companion animals is gaining relevance in the European Union agenda and in the EU strategy on animal welfare. The Animal Welfare Newsletter Issue 7/July 2013, produced by the Directorate General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission, is completely dedicated to this topic:

Developments in companion animals welfare are described by experts and different stakeholders providing a deeper view on meaning, implications and significance of the issue. CALLISTO project is described in different articles of this publication: Marlene Wartenberg and Barbara Alessandrini write about CALLISTO as concerns responsible ownership and its implication in minimizing the risks that pets might carry to people and other animals. Moreover Simo Orr, President of FECAVA, refers to CALLISTO in his interview with reference to the balance between benefits arising from pet ownership and possible related risk of contracting zoonotic disease. CALLISTO tackles also the welfare of companion animals, as Jan Vaarten states in his articles on the same newsletter.