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CALLISTO initiative was presented in the “Welfare Pulse Issue 11” published in June 2012.

The “Welfare Pulse” is the Animal Welfare Magazine for the Ministry of Primary Industries of New Zealand. This electronic publication is produced three times a year and represents a relevant source of information for those with a special interest in animal welfare developments in the country and overseas.

Nicki Cross, Animal Welfare Technical Adviser of the Ministry of Primary Industries and CALLISTO member, dedicated a specific article to the initiative explaining main objectives and project components.

Use the following link to download the “Welfare Pulse Issue 11” and read the article on page 4.

Eurogroup for Animals organised the “Animal Welfare Conference” in Brussels, on 19-20 June, 2012. Speakers from the EU Commission, National Authorities and Civil Society organisations were invited to address topics related with a sustainable food supply, efficient communication strategies for Animal Welfare promotion, health and welfare of companion animals.

During the conference, Talina Sterneberg, representing FVE - Federation of European Veterinarians , gave a presentation titled “The threat of disease transmission by companion animals: Callisto EU project”.

In the role of CALLISTO leading partner, the FVE's representative illustrated first background, approach, expected results and timing of the project. Afterward a deeper analysis of CALLISTO's Expert Advisory Groups, work packages and general project management was developed. During the session, a remind on main CALLISTO milestones and source of information was also shared with audience and all concerned participants.

The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) published the Newsletter - February 2012. The publication contains an article on pet travel scheme, explaining movement rules for pet in the EU. The articles refers to provisions and conditions laid down in Regulation (EC) n. 998/2003; it also describes FVE and British Veterinary Association activities in this field.

To read more on this topic please download the FVE Newsletter here: http://www.fve.org/news/newsletters/2012_02_fve_newsletter_web.pdf

A link to the “Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the non-commercial movement of pet animals” is also available.


The Journal of the British Veterinary Association in the edition of April 2012, Volume 170, Issue 15 published a specific article concerning CALLISTO initiative.

The article focuses on the “One Health” concept and the collaboration among human health and veterinary professional to eradicate diseases. CALLISTO website is mentioned as a useful tool for this kind of cooperation providing direct access to scientific research and debates on zoonotic diseases transmitted by companion animals.

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